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Welcome to Enlightened Souls by Nicole

(formerly River's Edge Crystals)

Vibrational Healing and Transformation

Receive Magdalene Light Codes and Frequencies

These vibrations will awake you to your Higher Soul Self and make the complete connection for bringing your truest life forward


Reiki / Light Energy Healing

Reiki is Energy Therapy that has been used since the beginning of time. It works on our energy field and centers to balance them and keep them at their highest vibration for our highest best. When we are aligned energetically, everything in the physical realm flows without the "hiccups" and we feel our best and share our best with those in and upon our path of life. There are many energy centers in us. However, there are 7 main centers that we attune and work with. They are called the chakras. The root, which is your home life - stability of your life. The Sacral, which is our emotions and creativity. The Solar Plexus, which is our power center - inner strength and self control come from here. Heart, which is love and connection. Throat, which is our communication. Third Eye, which is our understanding and intuition. Crown, which is enlightenment and spiritual understanding. When all of these centers align and flow - we remember who we are and what we are capable of doing in ourselves and lives.

light body with rainbow from heart withi

"Where one Light shines more show up to grow and glow brighter in Oneness and Love"

Mary Magdalene



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