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Who I Am and What I Do

Nicole fully trusts and accepts that all are united in the purest vibration of Love and Light. Working in the Angelic Realm has brought forth her highest healing capabilities, transforming and aligning your energy field for your highest good. 

Readings with Nicole

Reiki Healing with Nicole


Nicole Watters Spiritual Medium and Healer,  is a gifted entrepreneur, teacher and Healer.  Nicole has experienced her unique Spiritual gifts of intuition and mediumship since birth.  She has always had a very strong clear connection to the Angelic realms and Source/ God the Creator.  Nicole is a practicing Spiritual empath and healer.  


She teaches meditation, intuitive classes and offers individual readings and healings.  She is a certified Reiki Master and a certified Medium and Angelic Intuitive. Nicole is also a certified Life Coach of the New World.


Nicole is a Soul Alignment Emissary; she assists and aligns people to their soul needs.  As a vibrational healer and a channel and purifier of divine energy she pulls through and radiates the highest Frequencies of Source to assist in the ascension of All souls and the Earth.


Nicole is a Divine Channel of Light Language, the language and frequency of the Source, which is used to lift, heal and align all souls to their highest self and connection to Source.  


She meditates and journals daily and shares her love and broad knowledge of crystals in her personal and individual healing and intuitive work.  


In addition to her Spiritual work with clients, Nicole has worked with many Native tribes and has been called by Spirit to use these gifts and skills to travel the country doing sacred land healings and ceremonies.  She also pulls through and channels many shamanic frequencies while performing healings on both the individuals and the land.


Nicole practices and lives her spiritual connection in all aspects of her life. Nicole is constantly receiving messages and guidance from Spirit.  She feels this is a blessing and with beauty, grace and love models this to others so they can choose to experience this in their lives.  


Nicole lives in Hampshire, Illinois with her daughter Hailey 18 and son Gavin 16 where she lives to be of service to Source, my Highest Best and the Highest Best of All. “Life to me is how much love I am sharing and receiving in balance for the highest best. I believe we honor and love ourselves first, so we can honor and love as a whole in the God Consciousness. “


Scheduling Sessions with Nicole on our Booking Online page.

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